Snow Of Memories


We're used to taking photographs and store them on hard drives, CDs or DVDs to keep them close to us and remember our precious moments of joy and happiness. We use and need sophisticated devices to materialize and display them on screens and prevent them from fading away. Memories define us as a human being and digital memories are the history books of our lives, an endless combination of 0 and 1 supposed to last through time.

Using black and white as an emulation of nostalgia and numeric interventions, I tried to illustrate this tiny link between our memories and the technology we use to store them. Are those advanced technologies, supposedly safe, a threat to our identities ?

We are nonchalantly throwing all of our data into what could become an information black hole without realising it. We digitise things because we think we will preserve them, but what we don’t understand is that unless we take other steps, those digital versions may not be any better, and may even be worse, than the artefacts that we digitized. If there are photos you really care about, print them out.
— Google’s vice-president’s Vint Cerf


2015 -  International Festival of Contemporary Photography & Related Media, Athens, Greece