What's Left Of Utopia


This project acknowledges an impoverished landscape and loss of space due to the inhumanity of the structures we choose to build. In this mixture of grief and hope, the characters appear on the point of disappearing within the fog that engulfs those urban utopias, considered at the time of construction to be symbols of progress. Disembodied witnesses, they become actors in a play of which the ending is uncertain.

We desire our present civilization to advance steadily toward some kind of Utopia. The thought that it may decay and collapse, and that all its spiritual treasure may be lost irrevocably, is repugnant to us. Yet this must be faced as at least a possibility. And this kind of tragedy, the tragedy of a race, must, I think, be admitted in any adequate myth.
— Olaf Stapledon


2014 - Celebrating Europe, Kaunas, Lithuania


2015 Shortlisted, European Photography Magazine

2015 - Shortlisted, Leica Oscar Barnack Award

2014 - Laureat, Celebrating Europe Open Call

2014 - Laureat, festival MAP Toulouse